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My name is Beverly. I'm in love with Neutral Milk Hotel. ~Burger Records~ This is all just some silly dream I'm stumbling through. I enjoy all forms of art and expressions of creativity.

If you want me to see something, tag it with, "fleshy-flower" or "fleshyflower"

I love you no matter what.

instagramz: @beverlysalas

Facebook art page: www.facebook.com/artbybeverly

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لا تقتل نفسك

Aw! How cute!!! I get what you’re saying.. The only way to let him know that you don’t know what to want, is by telling him! Those kinds of things really matter and need to be communicated right away. Stay cool, let him know you care about him and yourself and you want to take things easy! If you’re ready to do whatever then the time will come… if things go a little bit faster than planned and you’re not ready, SAY YOU ARE NOT READY. I am sure everything will be okay! <3 Prom is really fun, and im sure you will have a great time ^_^ if anyone has better advice reply to this comment! <3 <3


Aw I’m so sorry :( I suggest you have a serious talk with him. Explain to him that you care about him and that you are trying to help him out. Tell him you want him to be healthy because you need him and he can’t be doing this anymore because it is hurting you! Chances are he wont quit right away, but you need to be really supportive and help him out too! When people are battling addiction, they need extra TLC (tender loving care), so I suggest you spoil him and show him you love him! If he keeps this up, let him know you don’t want  to end things, but it could come to that. If you need to talk, im here! My advice sucks, so if anyone has better advice, reply to this! ^_^ I wish the best for you anon!! <3<3


Awww! WELL FIRST OF ALL This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about! You are beautiful, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they can suck a fuck. If this happened to me, I’d feel kind of really weird about the whole situation, but honestly, right now this might be weird and awkward, but in a little while it won’t even matter anymore! I suggest you forget about this fool, because he is not important in your life! you dont need him!! I suggest you don’t make it a big deal, just play it cool. Who cares if he knows you like him? Sooner or later, this wont be a big deal anymore and you wont need to be wasting your precious thoughts on this stupid boy. I suck at giving advice, but I hope I helped! if anyone has some better advice just reply to this ^_^

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