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Hello beautiful souls! My name is Beverly and I'm in love with Neutral Milk Hotel. This blog is just some silly dream I'm stumbling through. I enjoy all forms of art and expressions of creativity. Here you will find my secrets, my fears, my passions, my joys, and everything else in between.

If you want me to see something, tag it with, "fleshy-flower" or "fleshyflower"

I love you no matter what.

instagramz: @beverlysalas

Facebook art page: www.facebook.com/artbybeverly


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لا تقتل نفسك

hHAHAUHIUHS i’m going to the burger records girls night thing hahah


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  1. keyhallow answered: no headband (^_^)
  2. erb-l-t said: Headband! ^.^
  3. discheesepuffiznowshyyy answered: Headband
  4. allonthecards answered: Headband definitely!
  5. in-the-other-world answered: HEADBAND :DDD
  6. hoodrat-dollarsign said: NO HEADBAND LOVE THEM BANGS
  7. interested-in-apathy answered: headbandd
  8. fleshy-flower posted this
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